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Well, I sort of made this community and then forgot about it. >.<;;

I'm glad to see that a number of people have joined, and I'm interested to know who you guys are! Reply to this post with a comment telling us your name, your class and anything you want the community to know about you regarding G.D.R.H.S. and your time there. :)

I'd really like to get a lot of people to join this, so if you know people who went to G.D.R.H.S. who aren't joined, lure them here and trick them into friending it. :D The more the merrier. I think I should also extend the invitation to people who attended the Groton-Dunstable school system when they were younger, either in the middle school, Florence Roche, Prescott, or Swallow Union, so we can get in contact with friends we had when we were kids in addition to keeping in touch with friends from high school.

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and I hope to hear from you guys. :)

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Ali(ma) B(m)eaton! nicknames: "Bea", "Animal Hair", "Monday/Mundae/Munday/Mondae." (Nicole Dagle.)

Allegedly member of GDRHS Class of 2003; then 2004, then 2005. Possibly 2006. Actual graduate of Fitchburg Class of 03.

Hobbies: Cutting class, taking photos of people doing stupid things, smoking behind the PTYC, planning to crash Junior Prom (and crashing my car instead), CRASHING THE SAAB INTO THE CAFE!!!haha and of course, making up names for places (Maka Baka.)

Extracurriculars: Chorus/Chambre (before Sullivan became a dick), newspaper, lit mag, gay-straight alliance, charter member Varsity Loitering Team (was soon deemed not cool enough.)

Brett Hall. Nicknames (from GD): Howard (back when we had study halls when I was a frosh, a couple seniors put a newspaper on my head and I looked like Howard the Duck), Raúl

GDRHS Class of 1999, UMass Amherst class of 2005 (YAY!)

Hobbies: I swear I had some. I seem to be forgetting them in my old age, though. Definitely included not doing homework, though (and still managing to pass pre-cal, thus annoying...uhhh... whatsherface?).

Extracurriculars: Cross Country, Track, Band (back when it was after-school, then it went back to being a class), uhhhh... video random stuff, I guess.

Wow... I was really boring in high school.

So I went back and checked out the new high school when it opened, and I was stunned at how bad the thing looks. And how badly it was designed for students going between classes and getting out the main entrance. And I was all shocked to find one of the girls who graduated with me working at the desk in the guidance office.