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GDRHS: Pre-2004

orange carpets, purple walls

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Remember the purple cinderblocks and the orange carpets?

Welcome to orangecarpets, the Livejournal community made to remember the old Groton-Dunstable high school as we knew and loved (and hated) it. Anyone is welcome to join, however, people who aren't from Groton or anyone in or below the class of 2007 won't find much to talk about here. orangecarpets is just meant to be a silly, nostalgic series of memories from our old high school, and also a way of keeping in touch with other students who attended GDRHS while it was still in the old building.

Were you a member of the class of 2003 (the last graduating class from GDRHS) or before? Post here, tell us your name and your most vivid memories of GDRHS- the old building itself, the staff, the students, the plays, the clubs, whatever it is that you loved or hated about our high school. Most importantly, pass this community on to kids in your classes so that everyone who would be interested in joining gets the opportunity- hopefully, we'll be able to keep in touch and keep the memory of our old building alive.

So join... or else I'll lock you in the prop closet.